Finding Your Why

Change is challenging.  It’s easy to fall back on old habits or to delay creating new habits.  Before you start making changes, it’s important to discover your Why.  Once you’ve done that, then you have something to help you along the way.

To identify your overall Why, you need to acknowledge your individual Whys for each factor.  For each factor, write down any Whys you have for finding balance in that area.  You’re brainstorming, so put down whatever comes to mind.  There is no right or wrong answer.

Once you’ve listed your Whys for each factor, look at all of the Whys and see if any of them overlap.  Have you listed a Why more than once?  If so, circle it.  If not, rank each Why from most important to least important.

Take each of the circled Whys or the most important Whys and write them down as your overall Whys for finding balance in your life.

Once you’re finished, put your Why somewhere where you’ll see it on a regular basis.  Hang it up.  Take a picture to keep on your phone.  Put it on a post-it note and attach it to your computer.  Just make sure you can see it–it will help you to refocus and recommit your efforts when you doubt yourself most.