Take a Modern Day Walkabout

When you hear the word “walkabout” you probably think about Australian Aboriginal boys who wander the outback alone for half a year as young adolescents in order to spiritually and traditionally transition into manhood.

A modern day walkabout is a lot easier!

The focus of a modern day walkabout is to spiritually recharge yourself.  It can be done alone, with friends or family, or with a large group of strangers.  And it can take place anywhere!

It could be a trip to a large city or a solo backpacking trip.  It can be a retreat or a conference.  You can visit museums or hike a trail.  There really is no limit.

And honestly, there really are no rules.

This is a perfect time to challenge yourself or check something off of your bucket list.  It’s a chance to reflect, to grow, to explore, and so much more.

Make the most of your walkabout by taking a journal.  Not only can you document your trip, but you can also write down any insight that comes your way while you’re there.



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