Rain threatens Max Verstappen’s coronation, but Red Bull is unconcerned. BREATHTAKING

Helmut Marko is concerned that rain and thunderstorms would delay Max Verstappen’s coronation at the Suzuka track, despite the fact that the RB18 performs well “dry and in the wet.” The weather forecast predicts rain and thunderstorms for the area.

As the Red Bull driver who finished faster in qualifying than Charles Leclerc, Verstappen will start the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday from the front row of the starting grid.

While the stewards were investigating him for an alleged breach of Article 33.4 of the Sporting Regulations, which covers erratic driving that poses a danger to others on the track, his pole position was briefly in jeopardy. This article covers erratic driving that poses a danger to others on the track.

Rain is expected to arrive at the track on Sunday, which presents Verstappen with a new obstacle to overcome as he strives to win the race and earn points for setting the fastest lap, in addition to the 26 points that would assure him the title of world champion.

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Marko, a Red Bull adviser, is completely unconcerned about the situation.

Because we put in the effort to perfect the set-up, our vehicle performs very well in both dry and rainy conditions. According to Sky Germany, he said, “We have no problems because Max is fantastic in the rain.”

He also discussed Saturday’s qualifying, during which the Austrian driver said that he anticipated Ferrari to crank their engines to a higher level during the qualifying round, given that they were nearly a quarter of a second behind in final practice.

They were successful in doing so, but Max Verstappen still managed to win the pole position, edging off Charles Leclerc by 0.010 seconds and leaving Carlos Sainz 0.057 seconds behind.

“We really anticipated Ferrari to be able to enhance the engine performance a bit, but thank God Max’s first lap was good enough,” added Marko. “We genuinely expected Ferrari to be able to improve the engine performance a touch.” “There was little room for error, but the Ferrari was unable to do much better.”

The Formula One world championship has been determined at the conclusion:

The Formula One world championship has been determined at the conclusion of the season 30 times out of the total 72 times it has been competed for. In the majority of seasons, the champion was able to put the championship beyond reach with at least one round remaining in the competition.

Max Verstappen has two opportunities in the span of eight days to put the drivers’ championship out of reach and become only the 17th driver in the history of the sport to win multiple world titles. The first of those opportunities will take place today in Japan. By getting the pole position at Suzuka, the Red Bull driver has given himself the best chance possible to make that possibility a reality on Sunday.
However, that pole position was earned by the narrowest margin of the whole season up to that point – only one-tenth of a second ahead of Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari teammate, Carlos Sainz Jr. It is entirely likely that the margin might have been wider had Verstappen improved on his second and final attempt. However, the fact that he lost a piece of bodywork from the back of his vehicle on his penultimate lap may have prevented him from realising his full potential over the course of a single lap.

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Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Suzuka, 2022
A very small mistake at the chicane lost Leclerc the pole position.
Verstappen expressed his delight at his current position, stating, “I am incredibly delighted to be on pole and in general-just super glad to be back here in Japan.”
“During qualifying, I lost a piece of the duct from the vehicle on my final lap, which is why I wasn’t able to make much progress; but, the first lap was sufficient.”


Leclerc’s frustration was audible over the team radio, and he had every reason to be upset about the fact that he was unable to add to the already impressive number of pole positions he had accumulated for the season. Before approaching the chicane, he had about a tenth of a second advantage over Verstappen’s first lap, but as Leclerc braked later than the Red Bull driver, he was unable to get back on the power as quickly as his competitor did.

His lead over the Red Bull driver gradually diminished, and when they were within a few meters of the finish line, Verstappen was ultimately able to pass him.

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About Max Verstappen’s life:

A person’s private life
Max Emilian Verstappen was born in Hasselt, Belgium on September 30, 1997 to parents Jos Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen.He has an older sister named Victoria. Max Emilian Verstappen’s parents divorced when he was a young child, and as a result, he lived with his father while his sister Victoria lived with their mother. In 2018, Max Emilian Verstappen won the Formula One world championship in 2018.
[12] Three of Verstappen’s younger half-siblings are his father’s biological children from previous marriages: Blue Jaye, Jason Jaxx, and Mila Faye. Blue Jaye is from his second marriage, and Jason Jaxx and Mila Faye are from his current marriage.

His father is a Dutch former Formula One driver, his mother is Belgian and competed in karting, and his first cousin once removed, Anthony Kumpen competed in endurance racing and is a two-time NASCAR Whelen Euro Series champion who is currently serving as the team manager for PK Carsport in the Euro Series.

His family has a long history of involvement in motorsports. Verstappen chose to race with a Dutch racing license despite having a Belgian mother, being born in Belgium, and living in Bree, Belgium because he “feels more Dutch.” This is because his father’s participation in karting meant that he spent more time with his father than with his mother, and because that he was always surrounded by Dutch people while growing up in Maaseik, which is a Belgian town In 2015.

Verstappen made the following statement about his life at the time: “I literally just lived in Belgium to sleep, but during the day I travelled to the Netherlands and had my friends there too.” I was brought up to be a Dutch person, and that is how I identify myself now.

Before he could get his driver’s licence for the road, he raced in Formula One for more than a season. His 18th birthday was when he finally got it.

In October 2015, the very next day, Verstappen relocated to Monaco. He has maintained that his decision to do so was not motivated by a desire to avoid paying taxes ever since. In November of 2020, Verstappen made the purchase of an aircraft from Virgin Galactic that was a Dassault Falcon 900EX. Exxaero is the operator of the aircraft, which has the registration PH-DTF.

Sim racing is something that Verstappen likes to do in his spare time. Verstappen, who has competed in a number of racing simulation contests, has mentioned that he finds that it assists him with his actual racing, keeping him “ready to go.” Squad Verstappen is a member of Redline, an international esports organization.

Verstappen is a supporter of both FC Barcelona and PSV Eindhoven. Dutch, English, and German are the three languages that Verstappen is fluent in; he learnt German from Michael Schumacher while they were both competing in karting. In September 2022, he was given the rank of Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau because of how well he did in the racing business.

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